First Fruits February | Featured Charity: Community Crisis Center

Next month, CurlyRed is giving back 10% of all of our February sales to two great charities, one here in Garrett County (our new community) and one in Baltimore (our hometown).

Today we want to give more exposure to the Community Crisis Center in Baltimore. From their website: "The Community Crisis Center, Inc. (CCC) is a nonprofit 501(3)c human service organization dedicated to the prevention of homelessness for residents of Reisterstown, Owings Mills and Glyndon (in Baltimore County, MD) through the provision of emergency food items, personal hygiene products, school supplies, financial literacy, and monthly grants for eviction-prevention and utility assistance.

Photo courtesy of Carroll County Times
Community Crisis Center offers classes each month on internet job search skills, resume preparation, and job interview skills. These classes are made possible through an award from The T Rowe Price Foundation."

We have seen the Community Crisis Center in action, and it's an amazing place. Anyone, from any walk of life, can enter the CCC's doors and be welcomed. These individuals and families can know that their immediate needs, whatever they may be, will be met. We've seen the CCC not only help with issues like hunger, but also helping families find housing, jobs, medical care, educational supplies, and more. And they do this all on a small budget and is mostly staffed by volunteers (who are all wonderfully caring!), under the guidance of our friend Ed Hartman. We are truly glad to help them in this way!

If you'd like more information, you can call the Community Crisis Center at 410.526.7111.


First Fruits February | Featured Charity: The Dove Center

Next month, CurlyRed is giving back 10% of all of our February sales to two great charities, one here in Garrett County (our new community) and one in Baltimore (our hometown).

Today we want to shed a little light on The Dove Center, in Oakland, Maryland. The mission of the Dove Center is to provide “safety, advocacy, and counseling to individuals whose lives have been shattered by domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and strives to expand public awareness of those issues.”

They have a goal of “having every client live free from abuse after leaving the program,” and want to reach as many victims as possible. They do this through a 26-week program called “The Abuse Intervention Program” with individual and group counseling included. 

They also provide free services, such as: Individual counseling, 24/7 help-line, 24/7 emergency shelter, Advocacy with other systems, Accompaniment to legal, medical, and other related appointments, and 911 cell phones.

We are so delighted to assist this organization that is doing such good in our new community,  and giving victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault is safe place to go in Garrett County. For more information, please contact the Dove Center at (301) 334-9000.


Coming next month: First Fruits February

The idea of giving one's “first fruits” is not new. In Scripture, the idea was that a farmer would give the first (and best) ten percent of all he harvested back to God as an offering, a way of giving thanks. 

At CurlyRed, we want to give thanks for being in business for 10 years in a similar way, by donating ten percent of what we bring in this coming February. We have chosen two charities: The Community Crisis Center in Baltimore (our hometown), and the Dove Center in Garrett County (our new community). We will be spotlighting these two incredible organizations over the next few weeks. 

If your non-profit would like to be considered for a future give-back program, please contact us!


Registration is OPEN for the "10 Years of CurlyRed Open House"!

Happy New Year from Garrett County, Maryland!

Well, it may be hard to believe, but on January 31st, 2017, CurlyRed will be turning 10 YEARS OLD! Holy goodness, it’s been a tremendous ride. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, at the end of 2015, things weren't looking so promising for CurlyRed, and we worked hard to get things back on track.

Praise God, all of that hard work majorly paid off—2016 was the most successful year CurlyRed has ever had, EVEN while relocating our business 200 miles west. With a thankful heart, we’d like to celebrate in a few different ways:

1. If you're in the area, our “10 Years of CurlyRed Open House” is happening Saturday, January 28th, from 5-8pm. This event is to celebrate YOU—our valued clients, friends, and family. It’s because of YOU that we are celebrating this milestone!

Please join us for free food, drinks, networking and fun in our beautiful new space in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. This event is completely free but we ask that you reserve a ticket so we know to expect you. We can’t wait to see you on the 28th. Space is limited, so register today at https://10yearsofcurlyred.eventbrite.com!

2. Many of you have asked, so—if you are one of our many clients or friends in the Baltimore metro area, don’t worry—we'll be having another event later in the year in Baltimore. Stay tuned, and we will let you know as soon as we have more details!


Merry Christmas and Save the Date (we’re turning 10)!

To all of our fantastic clients, family, and friends: we wish you and yours a most happy holiday season, filled with peace and joy. Thank you for making 2016 truly wonderful.

In all honesty, this time last year, things weren't looking so promising for CurlyRed. In fact, we had to completely re-examine our business development and processes. We cut back where needed, prioritized launching our new site, increased our networking and focused even more on client relationships.

Praise God, all of that hard work majorly paid off—2016 was the most successful year CurlyRed has ever had, EVEN while relocating our business 200 miles west. We are incredibly thankful for this, and have grown tremendously.

In light of these blessings, we want to celebrate a HUGE upcoming milestone: on January 31st, 2017, CurlyRed TURNS 10!!! Please save the date for Saturday, January 28th (hours TBD), as we will be having an open house with free food and drinks in our amazing new space. 

For those who are local to us now: we sincerely hope you can join us! For those who are no longer so close: don't worry, we have a few goodies up our sleeves to thank you as well.

Please note: Our office will close at noon this Friday, December 23rd, 2016 and will re-open Monday, January 2nd 2017. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


CurlyRed Begins Work with Prominent Garrett County Real Estate Professional

CurlyRed, a branding, print and web design company, is excited to announce that it has signed its first Garrett County client, Jay Ferguson of Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacation & Sales. A successful real estate agent for many years, Mr. Ferguson founded the real estate side of Taylor-Made in April of 2014 with friends Joe & Jodi Refosco and Chad Taylor. He is responsible for selling over $75 million of prime real estate during his career.

Wanting to take his marketing to the next level, Mr. Ferguson reached out to M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, to create an eye-catching leave-behind folder for prospective clients. The piece, set to be out early in the new year, will feature historic and current imagery of the Deep Creek Lake area, as well as an infographic and information about Jay Ferguson and his unique approach to real estate. Both Ms. Ludwig and Mr. Ferguson hope this piece will be one the recipients will want to keep for years to come.

About CurlyRed: Since 2007, CurlyRed has provided fresh, captivating and timeless design, branding, print and web solutions for numerous companies and nonprofits across the country. CurlyRed is a virtual team of local talent including: designers, developers, writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, public relations and social media experts. In 2011, CurlyRed was officially certified as a MBE/WBE business by the State of Maryland. In August of 2016, CurlyRed relocated from Baltimore to Mtn. Lake Park, and looks forward to working with more businesses and nonprofits in Western Maryland.


We wish every Tuesday was Giving Tuesday.

Happy Giving Tuesday everyone! If you're looking for a worth charity to donate to today, we have a few suggestions for you:

CurlyRed has had the great privilege of providing services for many several fantastic non-profits that would greatly benefit from your donation today. These include The Community Crisis CenterZion Project, and Business Volunteers Unlimited, just to name a few.

But we also wanted to shine a light on two incredible organizations. This year, our family is “gifting” our girls with adopting a little girl named Laurence through Compassion International. They are “the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.

Holistic child development means they begin, in some cases, with prenatal care and go all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults. It means they take a long-term approach to what they do and go beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and families they serve.”

For a small monthly fee, we will be helping this young girl get what she needs to thrive. And we are hoping our girls will be inspired to also send letters, pictures and well wishes all year long!

Another organization that's doing great things is World Relief. “World Relief's mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable. With initiatives that focus on disaster response, health and child development, refugee and immigration services, economic development and peacebuilding, they work holistically with the local church to stand for the sick, the widowed, the orphaned, the alienated, the displaced, the devastated, the marginalized and the disenfranchised.”

World Relief does this awesome thing every holiday season called the “Give Hope Shop.” You can select “gifts” to donate under the names of family and friends, that go directly to those in need. So much better than a gift card, don't you think?

We encourage you to join us in the act of giving today, and through this entire holiday season long. Grace and peace!

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