Client Spotlight: Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) is a not-for-profit economic development organization led by a partnership of regional business executives, elected government officials and leaders from higher education, focused on fostering business retention and development, job creation and new investment throughout the Greater Baltimore region.

CurlyRed was been working with the EAGB for two years now, and it’s been an absolute pleasure! Here are some of are favorite pieces we've created, including our most recent project, an infographic celebrating all of the fantastic colleges and universities in Baltimore (see above)! Our client said:

“This is perfect! It’s drawing rave reviews from everyone, so I think we can call it a success.”


Guest Blogging: A Supply List for Great Design

DC Social Magazine asked CurlyRed to write a guest blog about design, so we created "A Supply List for Great Design." Here's an excerpt:

3. Tap into and be inspired by your local community.

I’m a Baltimore girl, through and through. And I’m constantly amazed and inspired by what happens in this city. If you want to be inspired too, check out the Baltimore Museum of Art (the Cone Collection alone is worth the trip), window shop in Hampden, or book a table for dinner at Petit Louis. You can thank me later.

You can read the whole article here.


Monthly Pinterest: One Graphic Designer's Wish List

In CurlyRed land, August means fun summer birthday times. 

This year, president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig put together some gift ideas that speak to her love of beautiful fall clothing, reading, the Baltimore Ravens, tech, and, of course, design! We think these items would make most creative women swoon.

Let us know what you think!


Android's inspiration?

Mark Ludwig has brought some very interesting news to our attention: Android has new branding, and it looks strangely familiar.

From The Verge's article:

"Posted earlier this week by Twitter account @upleaks, the alleged 17-second boot animation for LG's upcoming G Watch features the usual stylings of a Google-influenced Android device — but the interesting part comes at the end, when an all-new Android word mark appears. It's entirely in lowercase and has a softer, friendlier feel than the robotic futurism of the current logo — the only questions are whether it's real, and if so, whether it'll be canon for all Android branding going forward."

( Android is currently using the new logo on their main website, so I think we can assume that this is their new look.)

When we revised our CurlyRed logo in 2011, we took our favorite typeface, Century Gothic, and added the "curl" shape to both the "y" and "d" to reflect our name. But then we manually modified some of the character forms to feel more consistent and to flow visually. It appears that Android had the same desire. And the end result is beautiful and clean.

But, come on! Check out the "r"s! End of story.

Android, we're watching you!


Farewell, Hot Air!

We just received the sad news that our client, Hot Air Dry Bar, is closing its doors. We have truly loved working with them, and wish owners Joy and Kate, much happiness and joy moving forward.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces CurlyRed created for Hot Air:


The Colors of Wes Anderson

At CurlyRed, we are constantly inspired. 

A great source of inspiration is the artistic elements used in film. The costumes in Chicago and Moulin Rouge!, the typography in The Artist, the illustration style in Monsters Inc., and even the set design of childhood favorite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory can all serve to create great ideas.

In our opinion, Wes Anderson is as much an artist as he is a film director. And he uses color better than any other director we can think of. In his brilliant work such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenebaums, every visual detail is taken into consideration. This leads to stunning color palettes that completely encompass the mood, character and respective time periods of each film.

We are not the only ones to notice. A Tumblr of Wes Anderson Palettes has popped up, and we couldn't help but share. Hope you’re inspired as well! Enjoy.


New client work: Dogs and cats and bugs, oh my!

It's so beautiful outside, and this spring weather is making us do the happy dance in our office chairs! You know what else makes us so happy? New client work that we can show off!

First up, a beautiful, stylish website for Animal Eye Care, a national organization that offers advanced medical and surgical therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems in pets and the advancement of vision in all species. We love the color palette and muted textures, the brand-new streamlined branding CurlyRed created for them, and the "eye"-catching imagery that all works together to inform and reassure AEC's clientele.

Next up: new branding for Unscripted Stationery, is a boutique provider of custom invitations and stationery, dedicated to helping their clients share their news! This was a fun project from start to finish, and the small silhouette of a golden retriever just makes it all the more personal to owner Meg Lawrence. Here's what she had to say:

"Working with CurlyRed was such a pleasure. The process was smooth from start to finish and I am thrilled with my new business logo!"

Last but not least: today our newest website creation is live, a total redesign for long-time client, Scientific Insect Control! It's full of important information about insect control for various industries, allows you to request an appointment online, and seamlessly integrates social media. Plus, as most of our websites, SIC's new site is powered by Wordpress so our client has the ability to quickly and simply update certain content in-house.

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