Have a Nice Day Project

Join us on Tuesday, February 20th, from 6-8pm for Garrett County's first Have a Nice Day Project.

Our dear friend Jessica Watson of Points North Studio began the Have a Nice Day Project in 2015. It's been happening in coffee shops and bars all over Baltimore. 

As Jessica writes:
“It's the coolest way for one neighbor in Baltimore to receive a nice greeting from another neighbor at random. This project reminds us that we're all connected in more ways than we imagine. Follow us on Instagram, and search our hashtag, #bmorenice.”

And as part of CurlyRed's First Fruits February (and in honor of our 11th birthday on January 31st), we wanted to bring this amazing, life-giving event to Garrett County! It's family-friendly, and open to anyone who wants to make another person's life more special with a hand-written coffee sleeve (no special artistic skills required!). Plus, Trader's will have it's yummy coffee and treats available for purchase. 

So here's our mission (if you choose to accept it): We have 500 blank coffee cup sleeves and a ton of markers. We need your good vibes, favorite quotes and jokes to make these sleeves awesome. We’re donating them to Trader’s to give out to patrons. Then using this hashtag to share the awesomeness: #bmorenice

Will you join us? Please RSVP here and help make this event a huge success! 


1st Featured Client of 2018: RemSource

When we are able to help a client that has helped us for years, that's something really special.

RemSource is a US-based virtual support company that CurlyRed has been using since 2011! My assistant at RemSource helps us keep our company running smoothly: assisting with scheduling, following up on proposals and invoices, and even answers phones for us!

So when we met with Azi Rosenblum, Founder & CEO of RemSource, to discuss a re-brand of his company, we jumped at the chance! The final re-brand feels polished and streamlined, and uses custom flat icons, designed to to convey RemSource's main offerings: administrative, bookkeeping, consulting, and project management.

Here’s what Azi had to say:

“[CurlyRed's president and principal designer] Kendall is amazing, she is so talented, intuitive and creative. I’m a bit picky, I had a vision, but it was unclear and undefined. Yet, in some magical way Kendall was able to translate it to something spectacular. She knew exactly when to push back and when to extract the best of what I was dreaming up and with her incredible skills and development process the results surpassed my expectations!”

—Azi Rosenblum
Founder & CEO, RemSource

How can CurlyRed visually transform YOUR business? Make a commitment to good design this year. We’d love to work with you to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today.


Very merry greetings from CurlyRed!

So long, 2017!

We wish you a wonderful holiday full of love and laughter, and a safe and magical start of 2018.

Our CurlyRed office will be closed starting today at 5pm, and we'll re-open Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018. Please continue to check CurlyRed's blog (curlyreddesign.blogspot.com) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/curlyreddesign) for updates and CurlyRed news.


Featured Client: Wyetech

We love bringing clients full-circle. In 2008 (when we were brand-new!), CurlyRed helped Annapolis-based, computer programming company Wyetech create their visual branding.

Mark Goss is the president of Wyetech (fun fact: he's also cousin-by-marriage to president and principal designer M. Kendall Ludwig). Mark approached us this year, ready to up his online presence game.

We created a dynamic, fully-custom and responsive Wordpress website for Wyetech that showcases the firm's services, staff and press over stunning nature photography that harkens back to the tree-inspired branding.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

“One decade ago, Wyetech asked CurlyRed to construct our logo. The results were terrific, and we’ve received countless compliments from our customers. Recently, we decided to continue the long-standing relationship by asking CurlyRed to replace our aging, lackluster, website. They were extremely easy to work with, and did a great job working with our admin staff to obtain the necessary content and ideas to construct a stellar website. We are all impressed with the results, and cannot wait to show it off to our partners and customers. Thanks CurlyRed for the top-notch assistance!”

Mark R. Goss

Congrats, Wyetech! We wish you a fabulous 2018.

Interested in working with CurlyRed? We’d love to work with you to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today.


Meet Our Intern: Kylie Magnis

We hired Hagerstown student Kylie Magnis as our new CurlyRed design intern this month. So we decided to grill her with a few questions about her childhood, art, creativity, and women in business. Read Kylie's answers to our burning questions here:

1. Where do you go to school, and when do you expect to graduate?

Hagerstown Community College for Graphic Design and Technology. When I graduate is still undetermined.

2. Where were you born?

Pensacola, Florida. My mother was in the Navy when I was born so we traveled a lot until I was about 6 years old and we settled down to a more permanent life style.

3. What's your favorite childhood memory?

Going to visit my Grandparents in the summer. My sister and I would get to see and spend time with them and eventually visit/ spend time with the rest of the family on our visits.

4. Who's your favorite artist and why?

Vincent van Gogh. I love the way expressionists/ impressionists put their feelings into their paintings through the use of their color and brush strokes. This is something I wish I could do but, I never seemed to succeed into creating/ making something like that.

(Ohhh! A girl after our own Impressionist heart.)

5. When did you first fall in love with design?

When I was in high school I took a class for digital media. I loved being able to take pictures and editing them to how I wanted them to look. Eventually, my teacher gave the class more challenging tasks to complete and the challenges further made me want to learn more about the program and other programs alike.

6. What's your favorite design project you've worked on to date?

In one of my classes, at Hagerstown Community College, we were instructed to make an Earth Day poster as one of the main projects. In this project I used a map of the Earth and made it so the Earth was wearing a gas mask and on the ”back side of the head,” I lined the Earth with buildings, cars, boats, and various things that caused air pollution. The colors are various shades of blue to black, giving the composition a more bold feel to it but, not too bold to make the viewer afraid of it. The message I wanted to convey was how humans’ cars, planes, boats, etc. were polluting the Earth's air.

7. What unique point of view do you bring to your design work?

Multiple times I find myself bringing the smallest detail into a piece that I’m working on. The detail is so small that the viewer doesn’t quite see unless viewed closely. However, I know it’s there and feel that it has an important purpose.

8. Why did you pick CurlyRed for your internship? What are you hoping to learn?

I picked CurlyRed for an internship because I have always loved to design and create things using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and I hope that with being an intern for CurlyRed I will be able to learn how to become a better graphic designer.

9. What do you think about a) women in design and b) women in business?

Women have a lot of potential when it comes to design. I believe they have just as much right to express their feelings and thoughts as any other person. I believe that women starting their own company/ business allows them to show the world what we can do and that we can do anything we set our minds to.


10. What's one fun fact about you that we should know?

I love to paint, draw, and sculpt. I like to look to these as a creative outlet when I’m not on the computer.

11. What's your favorite typeface and why?

Trojan Pro 3. This typeface is in everything. It has bold and clean look to it that is in all caps, making it an easy to read font that works with a lot of posters and other designs that you really want the viewer to have a clear message of what you’re trying to say. Even though it in all caps you don’t have that bold feeling that you’re being shouted at. It just stands out enough to grab your attention.


Thanks for your time, Kylie! We're looking forward to seeing all you accomplish.


We've Chosen our Recipients for 2018's First Fruits February!

First off, thank you to everyone who submitted their non-profit for consideration for CurlyRed's 2018 First Fruits February! 

We had several great choices, and two extra-special organizations to stood out to us. We couldn’t choose between them, so we’ve decided on TWO non-profit recipients, one in Baltimore, MD and one in Garrett County, MD. 

Congratulations to Simple Sacrifice (visit Simple Sacrifice's website here) and I Can Swim (visit I Can Swim's website here), as our 2018 First Fruits February recipients! We’ll be sharing more of what each of these very worth organizations are up to in the coming months. 

Thanks again and we hope you have a wonderful week!


One week left! Join us at our End of an Era party!

Have you gotten your ticket yet? Next Wednesday night is going to be an epic time!


At the end of this year B'More Creatives will be closing as a networking group for women in the creative profession in Baltimore. Join us for a private celebration on the 2nd floor of The Elephant in Mt Vernon as we celebrate the end of an era.

True to form, we want you to get creative with us. Come wearing a masquerade-style mask of your choice. Of course feathers and glitter are always welcome.

B'More Creatives was started in 2004 and came into the Baltimore scene at a time when there wasn't a lot of activity for creative professionals. We've hosted networking events, learning seminars, round table discussions, fostered a mentor program, and more. It's been an amazing journey. Now Baltimore's creative scene is more than thriving and our time is coming to a close. We are ready to go out in style and hope you'll join us.

- Chicken Sates with Plum Sauce
- Zucchini Fritters
- Signature Bacon Straws
- Shrimp Toast
- Mushroom Caps with Ricotta and Spinach
- Baked Brie in Filo Cups with Raspberry Chutney
- 1 Official B'More Creatives Cocktail (or first drink of your choice)

TICKETS: $40 - https://bmorecreativeslegacy.splashthat.com/

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