Election 2008 Design Trends

With less than a month to go, election design is all around us.

Recently, AIGA had a contest called "Get Out the Vote 2008" where designers submitted designs for posters encouraging Americans to vote. Above are some of my favorite winning posters.

As far as the candidates go, the McCain/Palin ticket seem to be relying heavily on text only. In fact, I had a hard time finding any McCain posters or signage with imagery. But they are consistent in color scheme and in using this campaign's typeface of choice, Optima:

And then there are the Obama/Biden posters, which rely much more on strong, simply colored images and minimal text:

Visually, the Obama/Biden posters are more visually appealing to me, but I also think the Optima typeface is strong and works to convey McCain's reputation as sturdy, patriotic and dependable. Regardless, both campaigns have fully embraced the importance of strong branding.

What do you think?


Chuck Stone said...

I think the Obama campaign has taken more of an interest in how the designs of their ads function. McCain's campaign on the other hand seems to be using something that has been used before in media, and specifically a very popular movie about a president.
The American President
which uses the same style line separator. Just thought that was amusing.

I think the last Obama ad you have is fantastic. It creates a clear and recognizable Logo, much like the "W" stickers from 2004.

CurlyRed said...

wow, Chuck, I never noticed the similarity between the McCain and The American President logos! Well done.

Chuck Stone said...

watched it the millers a few weeks and said wow look at that...

Anonymous said...

I do agree that both campaigns have very different approaches for establishing a visual identity, and just from the posters you provided as examples, I think it's clear that the campaigns definitely reflect the personality of the parties.

If your company had to design a poster to promote voting, how would you go about it?

good design for everyone