For the Love of Food logo

CurlyRed was given the task of redesigning the logo for one of our newest clients: a local company called For the Love of Food.

For the Love of Food provides fun and educational cooking classes, as well at catering services. So the company needed a new, fresh and fun logo. Chef Diane Bukatman loved the idea of incorporating both cooking utensils and food (such as grapes) into the logo. We also went with an eye-pleasing, earthy palette. Bon appetit!


“Real” Photoshop

For all you Photoshop fans out there, check this out:

to see the story behind this great concept, read this blog post at thenextweb.com.

thanks Mark!


Free repeat patterns and another fashion blog

Pattern 8 is a very cool resource with free downloadable patterns with many different themes, color palettes and styles. Thanks Katie!

And we've found another very cool fashion blog called Some Girls Wander. Enjoy!
good design for everyone