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Vintage Holiday Finds

Thanks to our fall intern, Holly, for putting this blog post together!

Now that it’s officially December, here at CurlyRed we are giggling with joy about the upcoming holiday season. Family, friends, giving, Santa Claus, cookies, snow, there really is nothing like the holidays.And what makes this time of year even better? Holiday design! Some of the most interesting and visually appealing designs are actually holiday themed.

We’ve noticed that many of this year’s holiday-inspired designs, whether it be package design, holiday cards, gift tags, holiday album covers, etc. actually stem from design work of the past. A design trend this season is taking a direct influence from classic vintage design. The use of delicate patterns, flourishes, traditional typography and even sometimes imagery from those time periods seem to be everywhere we look this season.

And we certainly aren’t complaining. We can’t help but fall in love over and over again with this design trend. There’s just something about the vintage look that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While fresh, colorful holiday designs have become exceedingly popular over the years, it’s nice to know that the old-fashioned vintage aesthetic will remain a design classic forever. With this in mind, we bring to you this collection of vintage-inspired holiday designs. These designs are the perfect inspiration to get you in the holiday spirit.

Have you found any really great vintage-inspired design this holiday season?

clockwise from left to right: Vintage Christmas Photo Cards
A Very She &Him Christmas (we are listening to this on repeat!), 


Happy networking!

We do a lot of networking around here. And we wanting to give you the heads-up about a few events that may be on CurlyRed's holiday networking agenda. Please consider attending and spreading the word about these great events:

Jessica Watson of JWatson Creative, is being recognized at this event!

 Jingle Belle Pajama Party: pajamas, cocktails and mani/pedis? Yes, please!

 2011 Spotlight on Baltimore Party to benefit BVU and GIVE on Dec 8th.
We might have to go just for the fabulous swag bag they are giving out!

Happy networking and we hope to see you there!


Reminder about Interactive Holiday cards

Good morning! Just a friendly reminder that if you'd like CurlyRed to create your custom Interactive Holiday Card for 2011, your order must be placed by 5pm today, November 4th, to ensure holiday delivery.

We are very excited about the holiday cards we are already working on—let us help you stand apart from 
the crowd this holiday season!


Client spotlight: Mario Armstrong, tech guru

This morning at the Center Club in Baltimore, we had the pleasure of seeing Mario Armstrong give a great presentation of how to use technology to grow your business. He mentioned things like making your website mobile-friendly, streamlining voicemail, note-taking assistants like EverNote, and how to run more effective meetings. It gave us some great ideas that we are excited to implement.

It also inspired us to share with you a piece we created for Mario a few months ago. We've been following Mario on the Digital Cafe for a long time, so we were thrilled to hear from him. He reached out to CurlyRed looking for an informational sheet that he could leave behind with the various contacts he makes in his day-to-day business. We loved his photography and the vintage feel of his Pac-Man t-shirt, and used that as the driving graphic force behind the piece.


In full costume mode

Cinderella in mid 1860's costume

So with a daughter who is currently Disney Princess-obsessed, and Halloween/costume wearing right around the corner, we couldn't help but to share this amazing collection we found on DeviantArt.

This amazing collection of Historical Disney Princess is completely drool-worthy. All artwork was created by Microsoft Game Studios Concept Artist Claire Hummel (DeviantArt user *shoomlah). Here are a few of our favorites:


Ludwig Painting: Web Redesign

Ludwig Painting was one of CurlyRed's very first web clients. When Josh Ludwig, the owner, expressed that he was ready for a "reboot," we were ready for the challenge.

Our web guru, Mark, did an outstanding job of giving the new site a clean, polished and super professional feel. And the beautiful photography was completed by our good friends, Matthias and Lisa Egger. Josh loves his new site and so do we.


New service: Interactive Holiday Cards

**Please place your interactive holiday card order before November 4th to ensure your card is completed before the holidays!***

M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer at CurlyRed, talks about a new service offering: interactive holiday cards. We've developed this card for a private school in upstate New York for the past three years, and we are proud to offer this service to all schools and organizations this holiday season.

If you like what you see and want more information, please contact us at 410.878.2068 or kendall@curlyred.com.


The Sam Meister Fundraiser is Monday night!

Just a friendly reminder. Please join us. And if you can't and still want to donate, you can click here!


CurlyRed loves non-profits!

We've been making strides here at CurlyRed to make working with non-profits an important part of our company. Why? Well, first of all, non-profits do so much to benefit the communities we live in. We support them and want to help them in the missions that have chosen to pursue.

Secondly, there are thousands of non-profits out there who need design work, but are working with limited budgets, tight deadlines and an absence of in-house graphic or web support staff.

For both of these reasons, it's become a win-win to find and partner with non-profits, both here in the Baltimore area and across the country.

Here's some non-profits we've worked with recently and what they are all about:

1. Semi-Colon Club

The Semi-Colon Club helps create and promote outreach and awareness of colon cancer. They are hosting their 3rd Annual Semi-Colon Crawl on Sunday, September 25th 2011 at 9 a.m. in Hannah More Park in Reisterstown. CurlyRed partnered with Ron Shillman at Direct Designs and the Semi-Colon Club to design a full-color mug that will distributed to all participants.

There Goes My Hero

There Goes My Hero provides hope and nourishment to Leukemia patients and their families. CurlyRed has been assisting There Goes My Hero with t-shirt and signage design. Some of the signs will be displayed at the upcoming Annual Bike Ride and Family Festival on September 25th, 2011 at Oregon Ridge in Hunt Valley.

3. The Sam Meister Fundraiser

Sam Meister is the the step-brother of CurlyRed's principal designer and president, M. Kendall Ludwig. Sam is a senior in high-school and battling A.L.L. Leukemia. This upcoming event on Monday, September 26th is very near and dear to our hearts. Please visit the blog to see all the details, and consider attending or donating to the cause.

And if you are non-profit or know a non-profit that could benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fall Design Trends for 2011

Bold Colors

No more black and grey for fall? This upcoming season is all about making a statement with color. Red and Orange were the colors for spring but designers this season has merged the two trends together and came up Emberglow.

This look from from the BCBG collection showcased at New York Fashion week

Here’s some inspiring packaging from Method Mop using colors similar to the upcoming fall trends. Remember it’s all about making a statement, both in graphic design and fashion!

Groovy Baby

It’s all about saturated shades and updating shift dresses and high necklines into short modern lengths. “Mod” is definitely in for this fall!

This look is by Bottega Veneta

Two Fins Wine design is insipired by the 60s surf poster art. Two Fins uses blocky illustration with a contemporary “Mod” swirl for the background that makes this packaging work!

Spot On
From micro dots to bold graphic spots, polka dots are in!

This Sofia Polka Dot Chiffon Blouse is by Patterson J. Kincaid

Here’s some examples of great logos using just dots for their logos. Implied Form is doing exactly what their logo says, implying form through the separate dots. The other brand is intended for pet retailers or veterinary services. Amazing what you can create by using one shape!

Want to see more of the upcoming Fall trends? Click Here.


Spur Store

One of our favorite design/illustration firms in Baltimore, Spur, now has a beautiful online store where you can purchase prints, posters, note cards, and tote bags. We want everything.

Here are some of our favorites:

Yes, please!


Dan Haga's Urban Atrophy

A personal friend of CurlyRed’s, photographer Dan Haga wrote Urban Atrophy. For years he has captured on film run-down buildings all over the Mid-Atlantic, a lot of which is based right here in Maryland. From asylums to movie theaters, Dan Haga has explored all things decaying and left behind. He has a fascination with things many have chosen to ignore.

Urban Atrophy is categorized by the building type; Industrial, Religious, Military, Education, Medicine, or Corrections. Not only does the book has amazing pictures of places the general public has not access to, but it also has detailed descriptions of the history of the buildings.

Famous landmarks include: Spring Grove Hospital, Hebrew Orphan Asylum, Forts Armistead and Howard Lutheran Hospital, The Enchanted Forest, American Brewery in Baltimore, Seton Psychiatric Institute, St. Mary’s College “Hell House”, Victor Cullen, Springfield Hospital, Hagerstown Power Plant andThe Jones Falls Conduit.

You can find even more amazing pictures on Dan Haga’s website

You can also purchase the book through Amazon

CurlyRed supports and values the art community in Baltimore. Dan Haga's work is a fine example of the talent that exists in our city. We love discovering and incorporating local talent when a project calls for it. Please contact us today!


A Special Announcement!

We are pleased to announce that CurlyRed has just been certified MBE/DBE with the State of Maryland! This has been a long road, and we are so glad to have arrived at the end!

We hope this will enable us to serve even more businesses and organizations in the State of Maryland. Please contact us with any of your design needs.


CurlyRed's newest website: Cynthia Chin Writes

CurlyRed’s newest website features Cynthia Chin. Cynthia is an award-winning writer, poet, freelance curriculum writer, editor, and tutor based in Baltimore, Maryland. She also adores texture and pattern, simplicity and elegance.

Here’s what Cynthia had to say about working with us: “Kendall Ludwig and the team at CurlyRed are not only innovative professionals who conceive fresh, captivating design, they strive to completely capture the client's vision and produce breathtaking results. Working with CurlyRed was smooth, delivery was timely, and communicating and collaborating with Kendall was a joy. Her dedication to project detail and client satisfaction is nothing short of remarkable.”

Please contact CurlyRed today to see how we can turn your vision for your website into a reality.


Go Local: Relying on our Baltimoreans

With the economy, companies are relying on locals to keep their businesses alive. Companies do this by associating iconic figures to their sought out locations, not only relating locals to the figures but also to the brand.

Now even major names are going back to their roots to identify with their consumers. Perfect example is Under Armour, which was founded by the former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank. Under Armour recently has been advertising directly to Baltimore. They have the Raven's linebacker Ray Lewis being their spokes person. On I-95 they have a billboard of Ray Lewis saying, “Welcome to Baltimore.”

M&T Bank started the ad campaign, “Checking Built for Baltimore.” Here it shows Todd Heap, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens. Heap has it so why don’t you?

Baltimore Magazine features “When Oprah Was Ours” article, Jane Marion further explains how Baltimore’s WJZ-TV hired Oprah Winfrey in 1976 and was essentially the stepping stone to what is known as “Oprah.”

Probably the most well-known billboard in Baltimore, or even Maryland is Smyth Jewelers’ 2007 Where Baltimore gets engaged billboard, in which Natty Boh is proposing to the Miss Utz. Smyth Jewelers definitely reached their goal with the billboard by attracting the “20 somethings” into purchasing their diamonds, a 15% increase in their sales, and being the talk of Baltimore.

The billboard was such a hit that the advertising agency, MGH, who created it, organized the iconic marriage for the two that was held on May 14th at Power Plant Live! and created a TV commercial using the couple’s long lasting romance as well.

Where love not only exists on billboards, but also advertising.


Cassandra Cakes: yummy new logo and testimonial!

Owner Cassandra La Bella created Cassandra Cakes when her energy and ambition inspired her combination of home-grown skills with commercial baking knowledge. ‘Beautiful and delicious” is not only a motto but a way of life. Settled in the heart of Towson, Cassandra Cakes provides love, happiness and good taste to the greater Baltimore area and is the dessert supplier for Alonso’s and Loco Hombre on Coldspring Lane.

From Cassandra: CurlyRed was a pleasure from the start. As soon as I saw their website, I knew this design company was for Cassandra Cakes. The process was timely and organized. And the best part is, I now have a logo that truly inspires me!”

Best of luck Cassandra Cakes! It was a pleasure creating for you.


New website design goodness!

CurlyRed has recently added two new websites to its portfolio: New Hope Community Church in Pikesville, MD and Scientific Insect Control in Glyndon, Maryland.

New Hope's site offers lots of information to visitors and members alike, while providing links to the church's Facebook page and podcasts through iTunes.

Scientific Insect Control had no previous web presence and needed a way to reach potential customers online. The site gives an overview of how the company serves various industries and also features a blog to keep customers up-to-date on advances in the field.

We love discovering solutions for all of our clients—no matter what industry or size. If you need to have an online presence or would like to revamp your current online presence and don't know how to start, please contact CurlyRed today!


Welcome to CurlyRed's web guru!

Say hi to the newest member of the CurlyRed team: Mark Ludwig. Yes, he's been doing work on the side for us for several years, including the implementation and optimization of CurlyRed's site. But now it's official: he's working part-time in the CurlyRed office as our Web Guru. He'll have an active role in the web side of our company, which is rapidly growing.

Here's a little bit about Mark: For the past 8 years, he's been primarily a Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Programmer for a small tech company in Owings Mills, MD. In his free time, he likes playing ice hockey and softball, hanging out with his wife, Kendall and 1 1/2 year old daughter, Margot, and virtually "melting faces."

snowjumpstump is the website that Mark uses to showcase his work, ranging in all mediums, along with blog section to the site for the purpose of showing new work, sharing information that inspires him, and also commenting and spreading news surrounding the Gaming Industry.

Mark's work is very clean, structured, and orderly. He likes to take a mathematical approach to most of his designs, and he prefers things to be organized. He likes writing clean code, and Mark tries (most of the time unless Microsoft shoots one out of left field) to stick to Web Standards.

Oh, and recently Mark has become an Android Developer.

We can't wait to see everything he will bring to CurlyRed—we are truly blessed to have him on our team.


11 Days! Register Now!

Have you registered yet? A Day in the Life Design Conference is only 11 days away. CurlyRed is a proud sponsor and part of the planning committee, and we couldn't be more excited about the speakers, the topics, the venue, everything! This will be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as designers and celebrate our creative community.

Plus, check it out, if you're already attending the conference, we've just added a bonus networking event directly following the conference, called Spring Fling, with beverages provided by Flying Dog!!! How cool is that? And if you're unable to attend the conference, you can still come to the networking event for just $15!

This is the design event of the year—don't miss it!


Better late than never: Pictures from CurlyRed's 4 year bash!

It was a great time had by all, even the youngest guest, Margot!
A huge thank you to everyone who came out in support of CurlyRed.
Cheers to another 4 years!


CurlyRed and the Oscars?!?

So we are just watching the Academy Awards last night, when they got to the nominations for Best Song, and all of the sudden, we see a logo CurlyRed designed for Marcodi and their instrument., the Harpejji!

We knew when we created Marcodi's identity and instrument branding that they could accomplish great things with that instrument (but this even blew our expectations away)! We are so proud and honored that we can share a small part of their success. Congratulations to everyone at Marcodi, and may they continue to change the world of music.

And here's the Offical Video, which also shows the Harpejji being played:

good design for everyone