New website design goodness!

CurlyRed has recently added two new websites to its portfolio: New Hope Community Church in Pikesville, MD and Scientific Insect Control in Glyndon, Maryland.

New Hope's site offers lots of information to visitors and members alike, while providing links to the church's Facebook page and podcasts through iTunes.

Scientific Insect Control had no previous web presence and needed a way to reach potential customers online. The site gives an overview of how the company serves various industries and also features a blog to keep customers up-to-date on advances in the field.

We love discovering solutions for all of our clients—no matter what industry or size. If you need to have an online presence or would like to revamp your current online presence and don't know how to start, please contact CurlyRed today!


Frida Stanton said...

I like the simplicity of the website’s layout. The fact that there are basically two big components to look at instead of several small ones is very easy on the eyes, and is convenient to read. It makes the layout clean and visitor-oriented.

-- Frida Stanton

M. Kendall Ludwig said...

thank you Frida! I appreciate that.

good design for everyone