Client spotlight: Mario Armstrong, tech guru

This morning at the Center Club in Baltimore, we had the pleasure of seeing Mario Armstrong give a great presentation of how to use technology to grow your business. He mentioned things like making your website mobile-friendly, streamlining voicemail, note-taking assistants like EverNote, and how to run more effective meetings. It gave us some great ideas that we are excited to implement.

It also inspired us to share with you a piece we created for Mario a few months ago. We've been following Mario on the Digital Cafe for a long time, so we were thrilled to hear from him. He reached out to CurlyRed looking for an informational sheet that he could leave behind with the various contacts he makes in his day-to-day business. We loved his photography and the vintage feel of his Pac-Man t-shirt, and used that as the driving graphic force behind the piece.

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The Video Game Voyeur said...

Go Mario! Used to work with him at BDC. Great guy. So glad to see he is doing so well.

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