Margot vs. Juliette (otherwise known as Super Mario Bros. 1 vs. Super Mario Bros. 2)

Our former web guru Mark, designed the birth announcement for our oldest, Margot and now, our youngest, Juliette. I think the video game nerds out there will appreciate the Super Mario Bros. NES 1 and 2 references. Super creative, and we love the way they both came out. Which one do you like best?



By the way, we wanted to mention that our Super Mario bros. nursery before and after blog post is by far still our most viewed and linked. Who would have thought?


Monthly Pinterest: A few of our favorite (Christmas) things!

We are in a holly jolly mood! And want you to be too. We hope you enjoy a few of CurlyRed's favorite holiday things.

'Tis the Season when we are truly grateful to do what we love and spend lots of time with family and friends. What are your favorite holiday traditions?


Client Testimonial: Rye County Day School

For the past several years, CurlyRed has created an annual interactive holiday card for Rye Country Day School in New York. This year's card features a calendar that reveals a new service, completed by Rye students for 21 days this month. There's even falling snow and music, performed by the RCDS Festival Chorus.

Here's what Susan Nelson, head of Development and Alumni Affairs, had to say:

"CurlyRed has done it again! We have a fun, visually beautiful ecard to send to our community, one that celebrates our students and also communicates who we are and what we stand for."

To learn more about how CurlyRed can help you create a custom electronic card for your school or organization, for any occasion, please visit our sister site, CurlyRed Cards.


CurlyRed, as featured on Thumbtack!

Thumbtack is a site that features local service professionals in a variety of fields, including graphic and web design. CurlyRed was chosen to be featured on the Baltimore Logo Design page after an interview where we explained how we work and why our customers continue to come back to us, time and time again.

Here's what Thumbtack wrote:

Captivating Web Designs at a Fair Price

My clients tend to be small businesses and non-profits who truly care about the value of design and who want a unique and creative solution. I've done very small and quick turn-around projects to large-scale marketing plans, including print and web. Most of my clients work with me time and time again, and refer me to others.

Kendall of CurlyRed believes that everyone should have access to good designs at a fair price. She takes pride in running her own business and working closely with her clients. A friend often introduces her as the woman "who began her company in a recession." She is passionate with her craft that clients refer her services through word of mouth.

...keep the line of communication always completely open. To do really good work, every time. To have integrity in the way I run my business.

It is her goal to create a web design that is functional and speaks of your individuality. She designed her own website that featured her personality from colors, textures and layouts.


Monthly Pinterest: Giving Thanks!

Ahh, Thanksgiving. There are so many reasons we adore this holiday. 

It goes without mentioning that the food is something we look forward to all year long. Then there's the time we get to spend with family, elaborate parades, lots of football, and a color palette that goes rather nicely with red hair.

But above all, being able to spend a day to focus on being grateful for everything we've been blessed with—we just wish it happened all year long! 

We hope our Pinterest board inspires you in your meal and decor planning. We are truly grateful for all of you and your love and support of CurlyRed. Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving! 


Our web guru's next adventure!

Warschawski, a full service public relations, marketing, branding, advertising and interactive agency in Baltimore announced today the addition of CurlyRed's former web guru, Mark Ludwig, to the agency’s growing team.

In his time with CurlyRed, Mark has helped design and develop some amazing web solutions for our clients, such as Ludwig Painting, IronDog K9 Solutions, Justin P. Wilkinson, and New Hope Community Church, just to name a few.

While we will miss him and his talent terribly, we are truly excited for Mark's newest endeavor! We are sure we'll be seeing great things from him. 


....and we're back!

Juliette with her big sister Margot

On August 15th, the CurlyRed family grew by one when Juliette Elsie was born! She's been such a blessing, and has already mastered the basics of Photoshop (gotta start them while they're young).

And meanwhile, we are back in full swing here at CurlyRed and working on some really exciting projects for great clients. Please contact us if there's anything YOU need! 


Get ready to welcome the 2nd heir to the CurlyRed fortune!

If case you haven't heard, we are happy to announce that I, M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, and my husband, Mark are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our 2nd child, due any moment now. Here's what you need to know:

• I will be returning full-time to 
CurlyRed no later than October 8th, 2012.

• I have assembled a full team of talented project managers, designers, and developers to keep 
CurlyRed running at full-steam during my leave. I will be checking e-mail and voicemails frequently during my leave, and will be responding as needed. If you e-mail me directly, you will receive an auto-response with Shira's (our assistant's) information for any time-sensitive requests. 

• If you have any projects that need to be completed during my leave, you can have full confidence that my team can handle your print and web needs.

Thank you in advance for your support during this time of transition and growth (in more ways than one)! I appreciate your business, and always appreciate referrals. Please don't hesitate to contact Shira (office@curlyred.com) with any questions or concerns.




Our web portfolio is rapidly growing!

We've been designing and building a LOT of websites recently at CurlyRed. And we wanted to share a few projects that have recently launched that we are rather excited about:
1. Calvary Chapel: a church in California looking for a textural, modern web presence.

2. IronDog K9 Solutions: a company in Virginia that specializes in public and private dog training. 

3. DeepCreekLake.com by Railey Reality: and official guide to visiting Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, Maryland. We love the different color palettes for the 4 seasons!

Contact us for your web design and development needs today!


Monthly Pinterest: Innovative Infographics

At CurlyRed, we've never really created an infographic. But recently, we've been seeing them all over the place. And we just love how they present information, in such an interesting visual way (if done well).

These inspire us! We hope they inspire you too. If CurlyRed was to make an infographic, what should it be about? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us. We're open to suggestions.


Congratulations to our client, Tommy Cleaver!

We are so happy to share that our client, Tommy Cleaver, won the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year for the National Capital Area this past weekend. Tommy, along with the 17 other candidates, raised $1.1.million to help raise resources that will continue the advancement of research, treatment, and eventually a cure of blood related cancers.

CurlyRed helped Tommy's fundraising efforts by designing and developing the Living Proof and Be More Giving Foundation sites, both of which were set up to help Tommy reach his goal. 

Tommy wrote the following testimonial: "CurlyRed was an instrumental part in our campaign. Their website design captured our mission extremely well and allowed us to effectively convey our message."

It's been a great movement to be involved in, and we wish Tommy continued success!


What are you doing next Thursday morning?

If you're local to Baltimore and do something creative for a living, you should join me for this seminar. Great speakers, great topic, and great company. Hope to see you there!


Monthly Pinterest: Summer Lovin'

It's been pretty darn hot here in B'more this past week. And it's got us thinking about beaches, cold drinks, and all design that's summer-inspired. 

Here at
CurlyRed we love summer: the colors, the patterns, the textures, and drawing inspiration from beautiful nature! We hope this board inspires you too.

P.S.: Our website has recently been updated with new portfolio pieces, check it out!


Client Spotlight: Cambridge Iron and Metal

A year and a half ago, CurlyRed began working with a Baltimore-based company called Cambridge Iron & Metal. This company collects and processes ferrous and non ferrous metals to be recycled and has been around since 1909. 

One of the first projects CurlyRed ever created for Cambridge was a fun t-shirt design that would spell out Cambridge in vintage beer cans ( a tribute to both their industry and the city of Baltimore). The shirt featured the logo above and was given out to employees, customers and friends (we might have even gotten a few to wear ourselves!). 

The t-shirt was such a hit that when it came time for Cambridge to replace it's signage, they decided they wanted to use the same concept, with some tweaking. We suggested having the beer cans extend above the top of the sign, which proved to create some technical challenges, but we think it makes the sign that much more visually dynamic.

The sign finally went up last week (you can see it from O'Donnell Street) and even features the Natty Boh can (used with permission, of course). We love the sign, and how unique it is. Thank you Cambridge, for giving CurlyRed the opportunity to work on such a fun project!


Monthly Pinterest: Family Tree

The wall of family photos has been done a million times. But we really like this trend we've been seeing of incorporating some kind of tree imagery (either painted or decal) and using that as a backdrop for hanging family portraits. Using vintage and rounded frames for the photographs adds to the visual interest, and to the idea of making something old new again.

As usual, we found tons of beautiful ideas across the web of people doing just this. We are definitely incorporating this into our space, when we have 5 spare minutes.


New discovery: Lost Type Co-Op

We were browsing around the interwebs, and stumbled upon a very cool (and well-designed) resource: the Lost Type Co-Op. We found it while looking at some work by our friend Greg Eckler, who recently designed the amazing-looking Atreyu typeface for Lost Type.

From the About page: "The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry, the first of its kind. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in '$0' for a free download. 100% of funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts, respectively."

We're impressed. And we'll definitely be using this resource for future CurlyRed projects.


Monthly Pinterest: CurlyRed's new office

Things have been a little chaotic around here.  We are currently renovating our CurlyRed office space and while I have very little to do with the new construction, it has been given some time to dream up a perfect new office and what it would look like.

Given the furniture we have now and our logo, we will be going with a red, black and white color palette but maybe some other colors thrown in to give the office warmth. Perhaps some of these colors? (
This was our palette we used for the website.)

I'm not sure this Pinterest board has made my job any easier, but it at least has our minds turning with the possibilities. There will definitely be texture, white board paint and the CurlyRed clock. Everything else is yet to be determined.

We will be posting new office pictures as soon as it's completed.


People’s Community Health Centers: new brochure by CurlyRed

We met Stacey of People's Community Health Centers at a networking event and we were inspired by the services they provide for our community. We reached out to our friend Larry Canner, who captured some amazing shots of their space and staff.

From the imagery, we developed a really vibrant color palette that conveys the love and care the PCHC staff have for their patients. We must also thank our fall intern, Holly, for all the work she put into the layout of this brochure. It was a truly rewarding experience. Here's what Stacey had to say about it:

“Kendall of CurlyRed has been instrumental in helping us create effective and appealing marketing materials for People’s Community Health Centers. In one meeting, she was able to understand our goals and accurately determine exactly what we needed. She even referred us to a photographer to help us obtain professional pictures for our brochure. Thanks to Kendall’s knack for producing polished, well-written pieces, we now have a timeless, eye-catching brochure to support our marketing efforts!”

—Stacey Schiano
Fund Development Manager
People’s Community Health Centers Foundation


Monthly Pinterest: Inspiration from the movie "The Artist"

We wish we found and appreciated Pinterest a long time ago. It's an amazing way for us to store online inspiration boards from imagery and resources all over the web. So we've decided that once a month, we will be posting our latest Pinterest board of what's inspiring us right now.

When we saw the movie
"The Artist" (nominated for Best Picture in this year's Oscars), we instantly fell in love with the costumes, the hairstyles, and most importantly, the intertitles (or subtitles) and the fabulous 1920 typefaces that were completely drool-worthy. Just take a look:
If you have suggestions for Pinterest boards YOU want to see, just drop us a line!


CurlyRed goes MOBILE!

Have you visited CurlyRed's site on your smartphone recently?

If not, you may be in for a surprise. We have just released the custom mobile version of our site. The main page looks like this:

We started with our homepage and decided on a mobile layout that showcases our work in the same way our full site does, but in a way that's easier to navigate on a touchscreen. The page scrolls down so the viewer can see our full online portfolio. The about and contact mobile pages are also straightforward and very user-friendly, with a contact form that is fully functional.

Since CurlyRed builds fully-custom websites, we didn't want to use a template for our mobile presence. We feel that a successful mobile site should have the same feel and spirit as the full site, in a simplified format that allows the viewer to quickly access the information he or she wants.

Did you know: by 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage (source: digitalbuzzblog)? It is becoming more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website. 

If you're looking for a custom mobile presence to compliment your full website, look no further. We can advise you on how to move forward and create a mobile site with the look and functionality that you want, at a price that you can afford. Contact us today to learn more!


Photos from the party last night!

Thanks to everyone who came out in support. Great food, drinks, and networking were had by all. If you didn't get a CurlyRed reusable grocery tote, and you'd like one, please let us know and we'll get one to you!

A special thank you to Karlo Photography for taking these shots!


CurlyRed is 5 years old TODAY!!!

We feel like doing a happy dance!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us get here! Come celebrate with us tonight —there are still some free tickets available: http://fiveyearsofcurlyred.eventbrite.com


Client Spotlight: Getting Creative

We at CurlyRed have the privilege of working with some truly creative clients—and man, are they fun. In working with them, we get to do what we love to do the most—design out of the box. Find a truly unique solution. And capture the spirit of an artist or several artists.

We just had to share some recent work we've done for our clients, 
Sihaya Designs and The Collective.

Sihaya Designs is the online store my friend Christina Allen Page has created to showcase her handmade artisan jewelry and other things of beauty. We've been longtime fans of her jewelry, so when she asked CurlyRed to design business cards and web banners for her, it was an easy answer and delightful project to work on.

Everything from the color palette to the textures and imagery 
used is so reflective of her spirit and energy.

The Collective is simply put, the most original and talented group of modern dancers performing in the Baltimore area. CurlyRed has several friends that are part of the group and was thrilled to be asked to design a postcard for their upcoming season.

Our good friend Matt Roth (who also took an amazing photoshoot of Margot, heir to the CurlyRed fortune) provided the breathtaking photography, which provided such a nice backdrop for the simple yet bold typography.

As always, let us know what you think! And come to our party on the 31st!
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