Client Spotlight: The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia

Just in time for the holidays, CurlyRed recently finished up the design and layout of a beautiful, full-color cookbook. It features lovely photography of stunning American Glass, and it's full of delicious family recipes of glass collectors! This cookbook is the perfect piece for The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia to sell in their gift shop, and we thoroughly enjoyed working on it. This is what our client had to say:

I loved working with [CurlyRed]. They did the perfect layout for the cookbook and I am so happy with the finished product. The book is selling well and everyone has been very complimentary about it. It could not have turned out any better!

—Kristen Gribble, on behalf of The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia


We are turning 7...

....and we have something special in store to celebrate. Please save the date (1.31.14!) and stay tuned for details!


Monthly Pinterest: Counting Our Blessings!

We are overwhelmed with thankfulness this year (as we tend to be around this time). But there are so many things to be grateful for! Spending time and sharing meals with family is at the top of our list.

At CurlyRed, we are working hard to finish up some projects and then heading off to celebrate a long weekend of food, wine, laughter and counting our blessings. We hope you are inspired to do the same!

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Holiday Networking in Baltimore!

We love this time of year, and one reason is that we get to attend fabulous events! Mingling with friends and clients, getting pampered, enjoying a festive drink or two, AND benefiting charity? What could be better? So if you're looking for a few fun networking events to attend in Baltimore in the next few weeks, here are three that we are extra excited about:

Celebrate the Arts Network for Charity
Friday, November 15, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

5th Annual Jingle Belle PJ Party
Monday, December 9, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

(last but definately NOT least)
3rd Annual B'More Creatives Winter Fun House Mixer
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

There are still tickets available for all three events, so what are you waiting for? Cheers and happy networking!


We made it to Round 2! Please keep voting for us! #TeamSmallBiz

Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, is holding a contest (most of you already know it since we blogged about it a few weeks ago). Well, we made it to ROUND 2, thanks to your votes! Now we have the chance to tell the world even more about what makes us unique in the Baltimore design community.

Please vote for CurlyRed today, and often (you can vote once a day). If you've already voted, thank you so much, we so appreciate it!

Here's the quick video we put together to strut our stuff, featuring YOU (our amazing clients)! Enjoy :)


Run for Relief: October 18th, 2013

We need your help!

M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, will be running in a 5k to benefit a Ugandan family seeking asylum in the US. This family of a mother, father, and three small children is from Uganda. They have fled their country and are seeking asylum in the United States. In Africa, they were being persecuted by the government and have come here as refugees. They arrived in the United States with the clothes on their back and very little else.

Gaining asylum in the United States is a long and tedious process and, while waiting, there are restrictions on obtaining a work permit. At this point, the family has no income and has been relying on donations from churches and individuals to survive.

Any money we can raise before the 19th will go directly to help this family with their living expenses until they can legally earn their own way. Thank you for reading, your support and encouragement! To donate to this great cause, please go here: http://www.ournewhope.org/runforrelief/


Vote for us! #TeamSmallBiz

Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, is holding a contest where they are asking small businesses to submit their stories. There are some great prizes up for grabs (like a SuperBowl commercial-HELLO!). Plus, we get the chance to tell the world how passionate we are about good design AND curly redheads. So we figured, why not?

So please vote for CurlyRed today, and often (you can vote once a day). And while you're at it, you can read inspiring stories from other business owners as well.


Client Spotlight: Hoffman Borowski & Associates

CurlyRed has been working with Hoffman Borowski & Associates, LLC for a long, long time. We helped them develop their branding, identity system, and print marketing pieces. 

We love their work and passion for LEED certified architecture. Since they build beautiful things, we wanted to build them a beautiful web presence.

This custom-built Wordpress site showcases the structures and wide range of industries they serve, while staying crisp and modern. We hope to work with Hoffman Borowski & Associates, LLC for many more years to come! Here's what our client had to say:

Our site is everything we wanted it to be! It’s design is simple, but allows enough detail to show what we do. We are so pleased with the overall look and layout of CurlyRed’s design. Thank you, CurlyRed, for a website we are proud to show to our clients.

—Kimberly Lang, Director of Marketing and Accounting at Hoffman Borowski & Associates, LLC


Monthly Pinterest: Goin' Down the Ocean, Hon!

(Disclaimer: yes, we KNOW we haven't done a "Monthly Pinterest" since May—for those of you who were keeping track. Let's just say we've been hard at work/our brains are on summer vacation mode!)

For us, August means two things: beaches and birthdays. CurlyRed's president and principal designer, Kendall, celebrates on the 23rd and her youngest daughter, Juliette (who made it on the board this month) turns 1 (!!!) on the 15th. 

As we look at Augusts past, it's always been the best time to trek down to Ocean City, Maryland (it's where dem locals go, hon!) for some salt water taffy, steamed blue crabs, bikes on the boardwalk, mini-golf and fun in the sun and sand.

So for Juliette's big day, we are planning a little beach-themed shindig, and this board served as our inspiration! So if you're feeling blue about being stuck in the office, turn on some Beach Boys and enjoy. Here's to an endless summer.


Project Spotlight: Zion Project's 2012 Annual Report

Annual reports don't need to be boring, dry, or devoid of color. Especially when you're Zion Project, “an international non-profit which exists to offer life changing counseling and teachings for vulnerable girls and women caught in the global sex trade and communities affected by war.” 

Beautiful photography, powerful stories, splashes of bold color and minimal typefaces bring this annual report to life. This was a creative and enjoyable project from beginning to end, and we hope it serves Zion Project well as they continue on their mission. 

If you're looking for an annual report or brochure that stands out from the crowd, please contact CurlyRed today!


Creative Networking: Un-Company Picnic | 9.8.13

If you haven't seen this event plastered all of the interwebs, well, here you go (and you're welcome). Because the 2nd Annual Un-Company Picnic at Gunpowder Falls State Park is going to be fabulous! 

This is perfect for all of you introverted creatives or tech professionals who need sunshine and human interaction. Plus, if you have spouses, kiddos and/or a dog, they can come too (kids under 3 are free)!

B'More Creatives is putting on the Un-Company Picnic along with the help of our awesome partners: AIGA Baltimore, Betamore, EAGB (also a fabulous CurlyRed client), and the Production Club of Baltimore! Baltimore Playground will even be there with games and activities.

Register today to get the Early-bird rate. Hope to see you on Sunday, September 8th!


Client Spotlight: Delaware Restaurant Association

The Delaware Restaurant Association has been a long time client of CurlyRed. So when it came time to refresh DRA's online presence while still delivering a huge amount of valuable content to their audience, we were up to the challenge. And here's what they had to say:

“We have been working with Kendall and CurlyRed for a few years now and wanted to enhance our brand by connecting the image between the work she does for us in print and our website. This new site has a clean look and is easy to navigate but it still feels like "us". We were happy to work with CurlyRed because they are very conscious of who the DRA is and what image we are looking to project.”

-Carrie Leishman, President & CEO
Delaware Restaurant Association

Please contact us today with your unique web design problem and we'll figure out how best to solve it.


Vector vs. Bitmap

We found this oldie-but-a-goodie while preparing for a talk on Photoshop. The more you know!


CurlyRed, as drawn by the Pink Samurai

So a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to have the extremely talented Becky Pool (now Becky Helms) intern for us. We were blown away by passion for design,  her dedication to her craft (which also includes silkscreening, illustration (she draws her own outfit each day!), and crazy amounts of crocheting), and her sunny, sweet disposition. We simply adore her!
Becky's outfits in April. 

Becky (aka The Pink Samurai) has recently moved with her husband to her hometown of Austin, Texas and has a bit more time to do her signature illustrations for a few friends.

She agreed to make one especially for CurlyRed's president and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig! It's absolutely fabulous and might just make it on to the wall of CurlyRed's newly painted office! Stay tuned for more renovated office news—we hope to be blogging all about it soon!


Monthly Pinterest: Let's Go O's!

So as much as we love the Ravens, the Baltimore Orioles have always had a special place in our heart. Oh no, here at CurlyRed there are no “fair weather fans.” 

As nice as it is to have the O's playing so well after such a long dry spell, we've always enjoyed going to the beautiful ballpark, crackin' open some peanuts and drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day.

We also love that the classic O's bird logo is making a huge comeback. Seeing all of the throwback t-shirts, hats and other accessories make us long for the Cal Ripken, Jr. era—in a good way.

For us, summer is officially underway. Enjoy!


Designer/Developer Bowling Showdown in ONE WEEK!

If you're a Baltimore area designer or developer, it's time to prove your skills (in bowling, anyways.) This should be a great time, but spots are limited, so please register here today: http://bowling-showdown.eventbrite.com/

We hope to see you there, CurlyRed will be rocking the Red (naturally)!


Client Spotlight: Imani

CurlyRed, and it's president, M. Kendall Ludwig, is passionate about stopping human trafficking around the world. And we've been looking for an opportunity to assist an organization that is focused on addressing this serious crisis.

So a few weeks ago, after seeing a post on B'More Creatives, we reached out to Sarita Hartz Hendricksen. She's the founder of both Zion Project and Imani, and was looking for design assistance for ads promoting an upcoming Mother's Day sales event. After we read Imani's story, we knew we wanted to help:

In the war-torn region of northern Uganda, there are many Congolese refugees, child soldiers, and girls forced into prostitution, brothels, and the sex-industry due to poverty and lack of options.
We seek to free women from the global sex trade and alleviate poverty through healing, empowerment, and fashion design.

We partner with women escaping the sex trade to create jewelry which is handmade from indigenous materials. All jewelry is hand-crafted in northern Uganda and women receive fair trade wages, which empower them to provide for their families and educate their children.

Imani also offers trauma counseling, savings and business classes, and English classes to all the women we employ in an effort to see them reach their potential.

We believe each of these women is worthy of receiving love and knowing that she is valuable.

Every piece of jewelry you buy keeps her free!

If you're able to support this great cause and want to get your mom something fabulous for Mother's Day, please head over to http://www.imanilove.com now.


Good thing we like to talk!

CurlyRed is thrilled/humbled to announce that M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer, will be presenting at 2 conferences in April! Wow!

On Saturday, April 6th, at the Center for the Arts at Towson University (Kendall's alma mater!), Kendall will be presenting at AIGA's Ink and Pixels Student Design Conference. Here's our topic:

Everything I Have Learned About The Business of Design I Learned from Tim Gunn

Should I work for someone else, freelance, or start my own firm? What's networking and where do I begin? Should I use a contract and what should it say? These are just a few of the questions we will address in this session. We will take a look at one woman's path from a graphic design major at Towson University to being the president and principal designer of a 6-year-old firm, what she's learned along the way, and why the Tim Gunns of the world can help you "make it work."

AND then a week later on April 13th, also at Towson University, Kendall will be speaking at the Women in Leadership Conference! Our topic for that one:

My Journey from Artist to Entrepreneur
Are you planning for your life 10 years from now? Are your choices based on where you are going or where you want to be? And more importantly, what's the "why" behind it all? This session will take a look at one woman's path from a graphic design major at Towson University to being the president and principal designer of a 6-year-old firm, what she's learned along the way, and the "why's" that have set her apart. This session will show students how to take an objective look at the choices they have now to best prepare them for the future, and how to become a leader where they are now.

Holy moley, we better get going on putting these presentations together. We are planning on using Prexi, an awesome and free tool that beats the pants off of PowerPoint, and allows the user to design a completely non-linear, interactive presentation!

If you'll be in the Towson area in April, please come say hi!


Monthly Pinterest: Bring on Spring!

Ok, you caught us! We missed February in our Monthly Pinterest feature. So here's one for March, bright and early for your enjoyment.

It's not a secret that late winter is NOT our favorite time of year. But we are already seeing the overflow of yummy Easter candy take over store shelves and the days getting a little longer. And before you know it, flowers will be blooming, birds will be chirping, and light-jacket-only weather will return once again!

At CurlyRed, we love that spring brings new life, new color, new design inspiration. This year, we are especially excited to see Monet-esque prints in fashion—might be time for a wardrobe update!


CurlyRed's president and principal designer named Wednesday's Woman!

Kendall and Kristin

Our dear friend and PR writer, Kristin LeFeber (visit her personal blog here), was approached by Sperk* to choose a woman to write about for Sperk*'s weekly feature, Wednesday's Woman.  Kristin chose M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed to feature! We feel so honored. Please take a moment to read the entire blog post here.

Here's a small excerpt: 

“Rock star that she is, she followed her dreams and began working for herself, on her own terms, as soon as she could. She took a risk to pursue her passion; that everyone deserves to look good, especially small businesses and nonprofits with great vision, but limited resources. With her artistic, creative strengths, Kendall had to step out of her comfort zone to learn the fundamentals of running a successful firm.”

Here's a little more about Wednesday's Women:

“A little over a year ago Wednesday’s Woman began when I found out my friend was helping her neighbor, a hoarder, clean out her house. The story astonished me, not because I was surprised by my friend's willingness to help, I knew her to be that way. I was amazed because I could not imagine saying more than a brief “hello” to my neighbors. Actually lending a helping hand seemed huge. I thought it was a story that needed to be told to honor my friend and to help mobilize kindness in our world, in my world.

As the year passed, Wednesday’s Woman grew from the stories shared by guest bloggers. Some women honored were not well-known, some were celebrities. All deserved the light that was shed on their work. All inspired me to keep going, to keep writing. During times when I did not feel I had the emotional energy to write, knowing Wednesday’s Woman was due kept me mobilized.

Today, Kristin, a great writer who blogs at Kristin Has Two Eyes, brings Wednesday’s Woman full circle, back to its beginnings, by honoring her friend. I am grateful for this reminder to stay awake and aware, for a Wednesday’s Woman is always close by. We just have to be willing to acknowledge her presence and her impact on our lives.”

CurlyRed, Inc. Celebrates Six Years of Good Design for Everyone

CurlyRed fans Melissa and Steve Reynolds

M. Kendall Ludwig and her fabulous mom, Madeline Meister

from left to right: Valerie Albrecht Adams, 
CurlyRed PR writer Kristin LeFeber, 
M. Kendall Ludwig and Erin Thiel
(thanks to Kristin LeFeber for her fabulous PR assistance!)

CurlyRed, Inc. Celebrates Six Years of Good Design for Everyone
BALTIMORE, MD – On Janurary 31st, CurlyRed, a WBE/MBE certified graphic design firm, celebrates six years of delivering fresh and captivating art to its clients. Founded in 2007, CurlyRed offers logo creation and identity systems as well as print and web design to its ever growing list of clients. 

Tim Demski, CEO of Kodiak ElectricWorks (formally Kodiak Utility) and TDE Home Services, has just signed on as CurlyRed’s newest client. CurlyRed will be providing full branding, print and web design services to Kodiak and TDE.

When asked why her company has continued to flourish despite trying economic times, M. Kendall Ludwig, President and Principal designer, responded, “Over the past 6 years, CurlyRed has developed meaningful, long-term partnerships with companies and organizations that value good design. We strive to help our clients meet their print and web marketing needs, all within their budget.”
For more information about Curly Red, Inc. please contact:

M. Kendall Ludwig
President and Principal Designer
CurlyRed, Inc.


Monthly Pinterest: Cheering on the Ravens in the SuperBowl

We can't think of a better way to celebrate 6 years of CurlyRed then seeing our favorite team play in the SuperBowl! We are watching the game with family and friends, wearing our purple proudly, eating good food, drinking good beer and enjoying what promises to be a great game!

Let's Go Ravens! And we hope to celebrate our 6 years with all of you tomorrow night!


Registration ends Monday!

Come on, you know all the cool kids are gonna there! Beer specials, yummy food for purchase, and us!

NEXT Friday, 5:30-7:30, at the SkyBar (yup, that would be upstairs) at the Mt. Washington Tavern. Register here: http://6yearsofcurlyredness.eventbrite.com/


Happy Purple Monday!

We are HUGE Ravens fans here in CurlyRed land, and couldn't be more excited that they are headed  to the (Super)Har-Bowl.

In that spirit, we hope you REGISTER TODAY for our happy hour celebrating 6 years—and if you'd like, please join me in wearing your purple pride to the event! 

We can't wait to celebrate both CurlyRed and the Ravens with you!


We're almost 6 years old! Come celebrate!

Are you a CurlyRed client?  Friend? Fan? Fellow creative? Lover of happy hours or free networking events? Than this event is for you! It's our way of saying THANKS! 

We are meeting at the beautiful, newly renovated Mt. Washington Tavern. Drink specials include $3.30 draft beer. Plus: if you are one of the first 5 people to register, your first drink is on us!

What are you waiting for? Register now!


New Year, New Client Testimonial: The Susquehanna Youth Ballet

Happy New Year! We hope you had a joyous and safe holiday season. Here's to a fantastic 2013!

And to get started, this is one of CurlyRed's most recent poster projects, and we are so happy with how it come out! Here's what our client had to say about it:

"The Alice in Wonderland poster is all I'd hoped it be and more--whimsical, enchanting, charming, and fun. You did such a great job of putting your own creative twist on my basic guidelines. When the dancers saw it they were beside themselves with excitement. This Alice poster is definitely my favorite design out of the posters you've done for us over the last three years. And, on top of it, you had it all finished within three days and well within budget.
Thank you so much!"
—Ashley Spears, Director,
The Susquehanna Youth Ballet

good design for everyone