CurlyRed, as drawn by the Pink Samurai

So a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to have the extremely talented Becky Pool (now Becky Helms) intern for us. We were blown away by passion for design,  her dedication to her craft (which also includes silkscreening, illustration (she draws her own outfit each day!), and crazy amounts of crocheting), and her sunny, sweet disposition. We simply adore her!
Becky's outfits in April. 

Becky (aka The Pink Samurai) has recently moved with her husband to her hometown of Austin, Texas and has a bit more time to do her signature illustrations for a few friends.

She agreed to make one especially for CurlyRed's president and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig! It's absolutely fabulous and might just make it on to the wall of CurlyRed's newly painted office! Stay tuned for more renovated office news—we hope to be blogging all about it soon!

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