7 years old TODAY!

Over 100 clients served. Countless cups of coffee and networking events attended. Tears of joy and frustration (sometimes both in the same day!). Multiple speeches, coaching sessions and life lessons learned. Our hope is that CurlyRed has made the world better with the usable art we've created. Thank YOU for being part of our ultimate goal: good design for everyone. We hope to see you tonight to CELEBRATE!


10 days AND only 11 tickets left!

There are still a few spots left for our 7 Years of CurlyRed Open House next Friday night from 5:30-8:30, but they are going fast! Free food, drinks, networking and all-around good times in our newly renovated office.

If you'd like to join us and you'd like an invitation delivered directly to your inbox, please contact us at kendall@curlyred.com today!


What Tim Gunn taught me: now at mycity4her.com!

Tim Gunn is such a handsome devil.

Monyka Berrocosa, CEO of MyCity4Her, Inc, approached us to share our thoughts on design and business. President and principal designer, M. Kendall Ludwig, gave a talk in 2013 about her deep respect for Tim Gunn and love of Project Runway. She decided that this same subject manner would translate really well into a guest blog post to help guide and inspire other women in business:

"Entrepreneurship can take many forms, one of the fastest growing fields is the field of design. We decided to approach one of our more successful and entrepreneurial subscribers Kendall Ludwig, the Founder and Creative Director of Curly Red, a Baltimore-based firm and ask her to share her thoughts about what it takes to build a successful design business. Kendall, who often speaks to groups of aspiring designers, and is actively involved in an innovative, supportive community for women in the design field in the Baltimore region called Bmore Creatives, had the following to share."


Open House to Celebrate 7 Years of CurlyRed!

We are 7 years old! And YOU: our clients, friends, followers and fellow creatives have gotten us here! We want to say THANK YOU!

To mix it up a little: we are having an open house at our newly renovated office! Drinks and appetizers are on us. So drop on by, for an hour or the entire evening. Come have a drink, and do some networking while you're at it.

This event is invite-only, with limited space, so if you haven't already received your invitation, contact us at kendall@curlyred.com today.

We look forward to sharing our new space with you!
good design for everyone