Where CurlyRed Got It's Name

A lifetime ago, our dear friend Matthew Winner (author, blogger, and of All The Wonders fame) was teaching a class of 3rd graders.

I, M. Kendall Ludwig, president and principal designer of CurlyRed, had an idea for a graphic design firm but DIDN'T HAVE A NAME! I was stuck and needed help.

So Matthew took it upon himself to go to his kids and have them brainstorm on my behalf! He told them all about me, and something that makes me unique (yes, that would be my hair). Here's the email he sent me in March of 2006 (!!!):

"In no descending order, here are the ideas my class came up with.

So here they are...with great thought and consideration from all smiling 24!

1. red.candle.inc
2. Kendall's Crazy Art, Inc.
3. Curlyart Inc
4. Red Art Inc.
5. kendallcurled.ink
6. curlred.ink
7. kendallcurl.inc
8. redhot graphics
9. CurlyRed graphics
10. Red Head Kendall graphics
11. Kendall inc.
12.The Kendall Ink
13. Techno Art inc
14. Kendall Inc.
15. Red Headed Inc.
16. colorful pixel
17. Red Kendall
18. Kendall-Curl Inc.
19. Logo to GoGo
20. Kendall's Super Graphic Co.
21. Red Tech. inc.
22. Kendall co.
23. Curly Red Kendall
24. curly red inc
25. kendall.cool.arts
26. kendall technical arts

and, of course, my contributions are:
* rad graphics
* the red press
* Fern Independent Red Fern Grows in there!>

... of course, mixing colors and animals always makes for great design names hen, blue roof... enjoy>

Hope we could help!



So, as you can see—3 different children came up with CurlyRed, and I have NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF IT! How awesome is that? As soon as I read the list, that name jumped out. Shortly after, these were the top 3 ideas I developed and then refined it over the years to what you see now:

Lesson learned: never under-estimate the power of kid's creativity. It also helps to have amazing friends like Matthew Winner in your corner. 


Thank you!

Since we went live with our brand-new site last week, the response has been absolutely tremendous!

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragement and support—we're so glad you love the site too! Since we've launched, a few of you have asked us to refresh you on exactly what our services are, so here you go:

outsourced creative direction

Are your design needs all over the map? Would you prefer to have one less thing on your plate? Do your marketing and creative endeavors need to be directed by a professional?

Look no further. We can create a partnership to outsource whatever you need, from branding and print design to website upkeep and content creation.

visual branding / logo creation

A visual branding for your company or organization is the cornerstone of the entire visual identity - it conveys your message to the world. Your logo should stand out from the crowd, be bold and unique.

Through a relationship with you, our client, and a complete understanding of your vision, CurlyRed will help establish an unforgettable foundation.

identity systems

Once your visual brand is created, CurlyRed will help you carry that brand onto your business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

We believe in complete consistency in branding, and will work with you to carry over the same look and feel of your logo into the rest of your identity package.

print collateral / packaging

Every business and organization has different print needs, and we can help you every step of the way. From a fundraiser invitation, to a magazine advertisement, to a full annual report, we can create a unique solution that will be both beautiful and functional.

CurlyRed will even help you find the perfect printer to bring your design to life.

signage / environmental design

Creating directional or informational signage that is both beautiful and functional is a challenge we completely embrace.

From a single exterior permanent retail display sign, to a vinyl banner for your next event, to environmental design for an entire building or campus, CurlyRed is ready to communicate your vision to the world.

web design / development

Your online presence and reputation is more important than ever before. At CurlyRed, we fully understand how to captivate an audience online. We can bring together the perfect blend of intuitive web design, paired with great copywriting, photography, social media integration and search engine optimization to make the largest impact for your investment.

We want to help you carry your brand and message to your audience and create a custom, memorable online experience.


And of course, you can see samples of all these types of work on our new website. Thanks again!


Have you heard? CurlyRed's new website is LIVE!

Well, let us tell you—this has been a long time coming.

We are so excited to finally share this with you—our brand-new website has gone LIVE! This fully-responsive custom website is full of new imagery (with the pictures of Kendall shot by the talented Stacey of Atomic Cheesecake Studios), new navigation, new testimonials, tons of new work...

and features our new CurlyRed pinup, who made her first first appearance this past January:Speaking of which, we need to give a huge shout-out to the extremely talented Mark Ludwig, who not only created the new pinup illustration from Stacey's photograph, but also handled all of the development and responsive optimization on this site. He gave us tons of helpful feedback and suggestions, and made this site even better than our original vision. We are so grateful for him!

Click around, let us know what you think. We hope you love it too!


Music videos as design inspiration

Yesterday, after completely deleting the majority of their online presence, Radiohead released a rather strange and yet beautifully-made claymation video for their new haunting single: "Burn the Witch."

For us, music and design are deeply intertwined. Music often inspires us to create, and design/art often influences and helps shapes some truly amazing music videos.

Kendall's love of the art form known as music videos began at a young age, when watching her dad's homemade video tape compilations of music videos. He would tape these videos off of MTV and VH1 (you know, when those stations still played music videos).

We wanted to share a few of our favorites, to inspire you in your creative process. Enjoy, and please let us know what videos inspire you.

Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins (inspired by classic short film "A Trip to the Moon")

Take me Out by Franz Ferdinand (check out the killer Bauhaus feel)

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel (more brilliant claymation)

The Hardest Button to Button (everything Michel Gondry does is pure art)

Hyperballad by Bjork (another jem by Gondry, and just all-around amazing song)
good design for everyone